Monday, May 2, 2011

A Royal Cookie

My Godmother, who is a Brit through-and-through, hosted a dinner party for 30 close friends on the night of the Royal Wedding.  When she asked if I would make cookies as a little party favor for her guests, I jumped at the chance.  I used royal icing and gold pearl dust.  All the lettering was freehand.

Number one thing I've learned so far.... improvise.  And pray for mucho patience.

The final product turned out completely different than I anticipated (as usual), but I kind of like the simplicity.


  1. I am not afraid to admit that I am a nerd for all things royal. These look like the perfect treat for the Anglophile in me! Any chance you will post your favorite recipes?

  2. Beautiful job on these. i envy your obviously steady hand.

  3. @Evan, Go back to my very first post, St. Patty's Day cookies I believe, and I posted both the sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe there. It is, quite literally, the BEST sugar cookie reccipe ever. Yes ever. I have converted non-believers. :)

    @Terry, Thank you!